What's happening during the CV lockdown - besides not much! :)

Well this wasn't supposed to happen! And yet here we are. Remind me never to tell my CPA that I think this is going to be a good year, Lol. Those words are ringing in my head daily. No worries, right!? We'll get through this together and come out the other side mostly intact. All kidding aside, I do hope you, your families and friends are all staying healthy at, let's face it, this very confusing time. We're naturally not doing any events at the moment and can't wait to get back at it with all you fabulous people. In the meantime we're cleaning, organizing, learning and getting ourselves ready for when this is all over. If you have any questions about anything (my wife says you can ask me anything as Middle Aged Man because apparnetly I think I have the answer to everything....) about photo booths for your event! I'm always happy to chat. Stay good people! - Tony

3 things to consider when selecting a Photo Booth

Photo booths have come a long way in the past few years. When we first started at this there weren't a lot of different booths available, software was in its infancy, printers were soooo slow (so, so, slow!) and boomerangs hadn't been invented yet! Now not only do GIFs, boomerangs exist (and our printers are blazing fast - phew!) there's even more features availble. We'll get into those things in our next blog. Let's focus on 3 things to consider when choosing a booth.

1. Inside or outside? Super important consideration. Booths like our Mirror booth are amazing but their achilles heel is being outside. Sun, heat, rain(!) are all considerations if your booth is outside. Direct sunlight? Bad! While we can adjust our cameras for most situations there's no way for us to beat sunlight hitting the camera. Even worse, direct sunlight on guests! No one has their eyes open so pics aren't very good. If we're going to be outside lets chat. We can do it but lets make sure we get the right booth and the right location to make this work.

2. Your timeline. We'll be happy to be there as long as you want us to be! But lets look at the number of guests and your parties timeline. Most booth packages start with 2 hours of photo time and often that's enough. That's great for up to about 125-150 people. Getting over that probably needs more time to keep it super fun. You might want to consider adding a second photo booth or Ring Roamer so that we can cover everyone. What else in the timeline? Speeches, videos, first dances or breaks. Lets not pay for photo booth time if you're not going to use the booth for short periods of time. Idle time is your friend. Its significantly less than 'photo booth' time and helps you to get the most out of your photo booth experience.

3. Photo booth placement. Location! Location! Location! Let's have the booth near the people. I can't tell you how many times we've been placed in an out of the way space and given the client next to nothing in photos because no one could find us! We'll protest (politely) and ask for a better location but that doens't always get us in a better spot. Trust me, we want to give you LOTS of photos and take LOTS of photos. That's what we're there for! We're not happy when we don't and neither will you. Happiness is a booth in a location where guests can see us!

I could actually come up with more than 3 things but lets start with that! We love to chat about this stuff and know you have more questions. Don't hesitate to email, call or even text us. We love to learn more about your event and we love to answer your questions to get you the best photo booth for your event. Cheers and thanks for reading! - Tony